Oct 28

When you are looking for the perfect romantic gifts for the holidays, it is extremely important to consult the advice of experts to find just the right gifts.

You can browse the Internet all you want, but that is only a small part of the full shopping experience that you need in order to find the right adult toys and other romance gifts for the holidays.

CAHPA companies are certified, professional and follow a code of ethics that guarantee the company you are buying from.

Adult Parties

One of the reasons why people avoid adult parties is because they have misconceptions of what really happens at those parties. An adult product consultant is an expert in presenting and explaining a wide variety of adult products that can be given as holiday gifts. Your adult party consultant can also give you advice on which products can be used to bring the spark back into your relationship, if that is the kind of advice you need.

Open Your Mind

If you are hesitant about giving adult toys as holiday gifts, then start out with something you can handle and see what kind of reaction you get. You may be completely shocked at the response you get from your partner when you give an adult gift for the holidays.

Be Creative With Gifts

A good way to buy the perfect romance gift for the holidays for your partner is to have an idea in mind of how you would like to see the gift used. When you buy your partner a piece of lingerie, then that would speak for itself. But if you buy something a little more open to interpretation, such as a book on sexual positions, it helps to have a suggestion on how the gift should be used. Often times, when you offer a suggestion on how to use an adult holiday gift, it can make the gift more appealing to your partner.

Keep it Intimate

If you plan on giving your partner an adult romance gift for the holidays, then that is something that you should give in a private setting.

Adult toys are not the kinds of gifts you want your partner to open while the kids are opening their gifts. Also, an intimate setting could lead to the desire to try out the gift. The holidays can be exciting if you decide to give your partner an adult gift for Christmas. Make your way out to an adult products event and talk to an experienced product consultant about the best adult toys to give as holiday gifts.

Oct 21

A sales professional loves to talk about herself and her job.

This is important to understand when you are trying to create an effective meeting icebreaker for your next sales team meeting. There is an icebreaker that you can use which will get the meeting off to a great start and get everyone ready to talk about business.

The Conquest Team Meeting Icebreaker

The icebreaker is called "Conquest" and it is a meeting icebreaker that will get every sales professional in the room involved.

icebreaker game

This game does two things; it breaks the ice with each team member, and it gives everyone a chance to get an idea of what each person in the group has accomplished in their careers.

Getting The Game Started

The game requires no props and it is very easy to play.

The key is to get everyone seated at a table where each person can be heard and then get started.

If you are in a room that is set up with auditorium style seating (all seats facing a podium), then you can encourage everyone to position themselves in their chair so that the whole group can hear them when it is their turn to talk.

You can recommend that people stand, but it is not something you should insist on.

After all, this is still the icebreaker and people need to get warmed up.

Tell Us Your Name

The leader of the group starts off by stating her name and there sales level withing the company.

State Your Conquest

Once the introduction is out of the way, then it is time to state your conquest.

This is simply the one sale that you are most proud of.

You state the size of the sale, your highest show, what you sold and the customer that you sold to.

Then you state why this is considered your greatest conquest.

  • Was the customer hard to get through to?
  • Was it the largest show you had to that date?
  • Was it a new recruit that had been putting you off?

You need to be specific on why it is your greatest conquest.

Mingle As A Group and Network The Questions

Do not allow any questions to be asked. Save the questions for mingling as a group after the game.

This is an icebreaker where sales professionals feel good about themselves and something they have done in their careers.

Once the leader has finished revealing her conquest and has given the format for the game, she can move it on to the next person. It can go in a particular order, or it can just be a random choice at the discretion of the person who just gave his conquest.

Once this icebreaker gets rolling, you will have sales professionals voluntarily standing up to tell their conquest story.

Plan a networking session after the Conquest Icebreaker!  By the time this game is over, you will have a room of adult party sales professionals ready to talk about business and work on their next major career conquest.

Oct 14

Hey Guys! Here are the top 5 romantic dates! Try these special date tips she will think you are the most romantic man on the planet. 

romantic date nights

In reverse order the top 5 romantic dates are:

5. Salsa Date Night Out

Taking a salsa dance class may not be every man’s idea of a fun time, but if you try it, you just might like it! Think of hot, sweaty bodies pressed against each other and your date’s hips swaying to the sensual music.

Does that make this sound better?If not, know that she will love it and may show her appreciation after the class!

4. Watch The Sunset With A Bottle OF Wine

Here’s a simple and cheap way to spice things up in the romance department.

Buy a bottle of wine and go find a place to watch the sunset.

It is a very cheap date, unless the wine you buy is a 1787 bottle of Chateau Lafite (the bottle, said to have once been part of Thomas Jefferson’s collection, sold in 1985 to Malcolm Forbes for $160,000).

Every city and town has a good spot to watch the sunset - find one in your area and take your best squeeze there some late afternoon.

Women love sunsets and definitely think romance when you combine sunsets and a nice bottle of wine.

3. The One Night Bed And Breakfast Surprise Date

Take her to a bed and breakfast for a night or two. This one may cost some coin, but it is definitely a romantic date. This is a great way to create that perfect lazy weekend where both of you will feel relaxed. It is a perfect way to get away from the stresses and interruptions of normal life.

Finding a cozy B&B in a secluded or remote area is the perfect choice to spice up a relationship that may have become routine due to the demands of family, work, and normal life.

2. Go To A Spa

Yes, her AND you. Don’t just buy her a gift certificate to a spa (which is a nice gift, but not right for our topic here). Plan a day when both of you can go and get pampered as a couple.

This romantic date is best if you tell the woman ahead of time - this does not work as well as a surprise date; women like to shave and get prepared before they go to a place to be massaged and pampered. Don’t just buy a massage for the two of you, spend some cash and get the works - massage, pedicure, mud bath, facial, and whatever else sounds good. Not a cheap date, but definitely a very romantic one!

1. Cook Her Dinner Is The Hottest Date

Prepare a dinner at home. Unless you are one of the few men who cook all the time, she will definitely be surprised when you prepare a fancy three-course dinner for her.

It’s not as hard to cook as you would think, so give it a try. The first course should be a salad. Caesar salads are easy to prepare if you purchase a store-bought dressing. The second course should be the entrée and is the most difficult to prepare. Think of something she likes or something fancy - macadamia-crusted salmon or something that sounds like a dish only served in high-end restaurants. Get a recipe and start cooking. The dessert is the easiest.

Even men who do their share of cooking usually avoid baking; buying a red velvet cake or chocolate covered strawberries would be the perfect finish to your meal. Not all foods are considered aphrodisiacs, but any meal that a man cooks for a woman can certainly works as one. Add a red tablecloth, some candles, and you have yourself one of the most romantic dates you can think of!

Try these suggestions the next time you want to WOW her with a little romance. You better believe it - they work almost as good as a new sex toy in the bedroom!!

Oct 07

Customer loyalty is vital when your business involves selling as a consultant through in-home parties. Oftentimes it can be frustrating to the consultant because the guests are more loyal to their friends than they are to the consultant.

This occassionally results in a good customer or host jumping to another consultant due to their friendship loyalties.

Consultant-type sales methods depend upon return business and referrals to succeed. While this party sales method is applied to many products such as candles, jewelry, crystal, cutlery and waterless cookware, etc.

In the adult toy industry the loyalty issue may be even more difficult to solve.

So how does a home party consultant develop that customer loyalty?

Be A Friend To Develop Customer Loyalty

It is simply a matter of being a friend to the customer, building a relationship not only with her, but with the guests she invites to her parties.

As you share the information with your customer, help her relate the product to her everyday life. Let her know how much you are rooting for her to get her bonuses for selling so much product, and how thrilled you are that she is getting whatever is offered as incentive to have the party.

customer loyalty

Give her tips for making her party successful - tips such as ideas of what snacks to serve and how to set up displays. Give her ideas for how to get the maximum number of guests to come to her party and other methods she can use to obtain sales that will result in her winning bonuses.

For instance, she can provide catalogs at her place of employment, maybe in the lunch room where everyone will see them. Tell her she should make everyone she knows aware of her upcoming party and if they are unable to attend, they are welcome to place an order through a catalog.

Customer Service IS Key

This graph is interesting. Notice how most companies think customer service is not as important as the consumer does.

All of this lets your customer know you are rooting for her success and have her best interests at heart. Then, during the in-home party, show an interest in each and every guest that has come. Each one of them has the potential of being a new customer. If they like you and think of you as a friend, they will choose you as their consultant when planning their own party.

There is a certain amount of skill involved and a person who likes to interact with others in a social environment is more likely to succeed as a party consultant. People need to sense your genuine interest in them and your enthusiasm for the product you sell.

You can do it!

The adult home party sales business can be a highly enjoyable and lucrative career for a person who loves people and a good challenge.

Sep 28

The air has that crispy, cold feel to it and the leaves are turning some interesting shades of red and brown.

The sky is overcast with a steel-colored cloud that is surrounded by white, soft clouds and the remnants of a blue sky.

romantic date night

These are the unmistakable signs of fall and it is a time for romantic walks and long embraces in front of a roaring fire.

Date Night Entertainment

During the fall, there are always free or low cost activities going on around your area.

Check the local newspaper and see if someone is having hayrides, a haunted house for Halloween or see if someone has set up a maze made of hay bales.

Go out and have some fun during the day and have a good laugh together. Nothing sets up the end of a romantic date better than a good laugh together.

Dinner Date On A Budget

If you are on a budget, then the most expensive part of your fall date night will be dinner.

But you don't need to go to some fancy restaurant to have a romantic dinner. If you have a fireplace, then set up a dinner table next to the fireplace and use the roaring fire to set the mood and provide light. If you do not have a fireplace, then go online and use a video of a fireplace to set the mood and put lit candles on the table.

Since this is a romantic dinner, you can bring in food from your favorite restaurant, no matter what that restaurant is. During the fall, any dinner becomes romantic by the light of a fireplace.

The Relaxing End

When dinner is done, get the table put away and then relax in front of the fireplace and see where the mood takes you.

You can pile up blankets and pillows on the floor to get right down in front of the fire, or you can get some bean bag chairs and be comfortable. A glass of wine for each of you, a roaring fire and the nip of fall in the air outside can create a very romantic mood.

You don't need a lot of money to have a fun date night during the fall. Just enjoy the season and you will find that romantic feeling that happens every autumn. Adding a few adult toys to the mix will help too!!

Sep 21

When it comes to starting a home party business, the harsh truth is that home party training is something that you MUST participate in!

The frequency of company sponsored training can vary depending on the organization, but it is always something that you should take advantage of when the opportunity to presents itself.

There is a great deal of value in going to company training sessions, and it is more than just the training information you will receive.

Don't say you can not afford it because you can not afford NOT to go!

New Product Information

Many home party companies will release new product information at training sessions as a way to reward the people who have shown up to the training.

When you get the inside track on new products at a home party training sessions, you can use that information to present yourself to your customers as a sales professional with her pulse on the latest industry news.

cahpa training

Increased Company Visibility

The company you work for do not really know who you are unless they get to have extensive contact with you via training session.

Every company does its best to support all of its sales professionals equally, but you only get out of your career what you put into it. If you increase your visibility with the company, then you can make contacts within the organization that could help your business in the future.

Interaction With Other Sales Professionals

If you really want to advance your professional sales career, then you need to start mixing with other sales professionals.

Most home party training sessions bring sales professionals from different regions together, so there isn't a feeling of talking to the competition. With that sense of apprehension gone, you can use these training sessions to get to know other sales professionals better and get some very good sales advice.

CAHPA Companies Support Their Team

Of course, the main purpose of a training session is to get useful information that will help you to run your company more efficiently. Be prepared to ask questions during each session so that you can get more information to help you make your business successful.

When your home party company offers a training session, you need to take it. If it is hundreds of miles away, then it will be a good opportunity to get away from things and meet some new people. Any investments you make in training will multiply your income!

As a CAHPA consultant your company offers you great support!  If you look at every training session as a great business opportunity, then you are heading into them with the right attitude.

Sep 14

When you use a theme for your adult home party, then you will increase your guests' anticipation and it will also help to increase attendance as well.

As the fall settles in, people are looking for good reasons to get out of the house and experience the clean, fall air and the colors that fall brings.

It is the perfect opportunity for you to create an adult home party theme that will get your customers talking and increase the number of RSVP's that you get.

You could take the easy route and create a Halloween party theme, but that is too general and does not really excite people anymore.

theme parties

Be more specific and have a horror movie themed fall party for your adult party.

It is something that allows your guests to wear fun costumes, but it is also specific enough where even the guests without imaginations can still come up with good costumes.

Invitations Theme

The invitation of course includes the important information such as where and when the party will take place, but get creative with them.

You can use background pictures of various horror films to give people some ideas on costumes and you should also include information on the theme and invite people to wear costumes. If you have prizes for the best costumes, then you will get more people involved in the fun.

Sexy Products - Sexy Themes

When you choose a theme for the actual party decorations and your own costume, you should use a horror movie that traditionally lends itself to being sexy.

Anything to do with Dracula has always been considered erotic and it makes a great theme for you and your party.

You can also display products that fit the theme in one way or another. Sexy outfits that are enhanced by a vampire cape or toys in the color black will fit the theme nicely.

Decorations At Your Party

If you choose the Dracula theme, then be sure to decorate the venue appropriately. (Avoid using a casket as that can bring the mood of the party down.)

You can use plenty of fake bats hanging from the ceiling, fake spider webs, fake spiders and you can have your associates dress as vampires as well.

The more you sell the theme, the more interested people will be in participating.

Fall always makes people think of Halloween and Halloween leads to horror movies.

There is plenty of erotic imagery you can use when you utilize the Dracula decorating theme for your adult home party and then encourage your guests to dress up as characters from their favorite horror movies as well.

Sep 07

Social networking is a powerful marketing tool that all business owners should use to stay in touch with existing clients and find new clients.

One of the keys to having an effective social media presence is to be consistent with your content. You need to add new content every day and you also need to remain as interactive as possible to insure that people find and use your social networking pages.

social media management

There are a lot of good reasons as to why business people stay consistent with their social media presence. By understanding the reason for persistent use of social media, you can justify the time it takes to stay on top of your social pages.

You Become A Resource

When your customers and prospects know that you will respond to comments and questions through social media, then you become a trusted resource that they want to buy from.

The consistent posting of new information and answering of customer questions through Facebook and other social mediums will get people used to utilizing them to find your business and refer your business to others.

Increased Web Coverage

The more active you are in social media, the higher your business name will place in Internet search results. If you have a page that accumulates thousands of fans, then that will help to put your page on the Internet map and get you seen by more people.

You Become An Expert

People tend to turn to the Internet for accurate information and the first inclination most people have is to believe what they read. If you can be the one who posts accurate information about your industry first, then you will become known as an expert in your field. It doesn't matter what your competition does off the Internet, because that will not affect your social media position as an expert.

You Gain Visibility

If there is a product line you have always wanted to carry, then being strong on social media can help you to win over that new client. You will also find it easier to recruit new team members when you have already created a name for your personal brand on the Internet.

Use Your Home Office As A Source

If you find it difficult to post on a regular basis one of the easiest ways to become more consistent is to share what your home office posts. They are consistently sharing and networking so follow the lead and just copy what they said and put your website link into the update, or share using the share button on your wall for your fans.

Do not underestimate the power of the Internet. There are a lot of good reasons why the most successful sales professionals utilize social media. Once you get started marketing on the Internet, you will see that the possibilities are endless.

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Aug 30

There are several ways that a direct sales romance business can enrich a woman's life and help to enhance everything around her.

Product Knowledge

Women are constantly looking for new ways to make their lives easier and make things easier on their families as well.

One of the reasons that some women choose to sell certain products is because they have a strong interest in those products and they may even have a good understanding of what the products do.

better sex

When you get involved in direct sales, you become an expert in the products that you are selling. That means that you not only understand every feature that the products offer, but you also come to understand the many different ways that these products can make your life easier. In some instances, the direct sales consultant learns right along with the customers as to the real value of the products being sold.

Women become more empowered in the sexual selves as a result of attaining more knowledge of the romance products that they are selling.

Expanded Experience

Women tend to be more social than men and that helps women to enhance their lives by learning from the experiences of others.

When you run any direct sales company, you come into contact with a lot of people and you hear about a lot of different experiences in people's lives.

Part of being a romance consultant is helping people to improve their lives by using your products and learning more about them selves. Not only are you enriching your own life as a romance consultant but also those who you meet at parties and generally in your life.

As you learn about the experiences that other people have had, you begin to develop a stronger appreciation for your own experiences and how you should react to issues in the future. Your life is significantly enhanced by the lessons you learn from other people's experiences and those you share with them.

New Skills

In many households, the woman handles the finances. But she can learn a whole new bag of financial tricks when she runs her own direct sales organization.

The tools you use to run a direct sales company, including bookkeeping and inventory tools, even team training can help you to change the way you do things in your personal life.

The skills you acquire from running your own business will definitely help you to become more efficient in running your family and your own personal life. Running a direct sales organization offers much more than just an income.

Romance Business Improves Lives

The romance industry improves lives in many was that are not necessarily immediately obvious to the outsider!

It offers the chance to enhance your life experiences and enrich your life as a woman as well as those around you. Something greatly needed in these modern times.

Aug 24

Using the SMART goal setting technique will give you a a step-by-step strategy to realistically provide the tools you need to create success in your own business. The term as well as the goal setting model, SMART goals have been around for over 30 years and both are still used widely.

SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely and are the clearly defined steps that you will be using in your goal setting.

Specific Goal In Your Business

image description

You needs to be very specific when you set one or more goals. For example, if you have a monetary goal in mind, say to make a profit of $1000, you need to specify where this money is going to come from and what you need to do to get there.

Measurable Goals

If you are selling a product or services, how many sales would you need to make for you to reach your target? If you are working online or running a home business, work out how much you earn on average, an hour and how many hours would you need to work to reach your goal.

Attainable Goals

You need to be able to reach your goals to achieve success so don't set targets that are so lofty that you would never reach them. For your first SMARTER goal setting strategy, set a relatively low goal or target that is easily attainable so that you can get a feel for how the strategy works. You will then be more likely to stick to the process.

Relevant Goals

Make sure that your goals are relevant to the business you are running. In other words, don't set goals that do not relate to the business that you are running or the way in which it operates. Ensure that the goal is in line with other necessities within the business.

Timely Goal Setting

It is very important to put a time limit on your goal sets. If you don't do this, it is easy to for a lackadaisical attitude where you will tell yourself that you will reach the goal tomorrow or next week. Make sure that your timeline is just as achievable as your goals.

Evaluate Your Goals Periodically

Once you have reached your goal, you need to evaluate the progress that you have made. Go back to the previous SMART categories and ensure that your target did meet all the requirements that were set.

Before you start putting together your next set of goals, you need to re-evaluate how you set your targets. If you reached your goals easily, well within the desired time frame, you may need to set higher targets that can be achieved in shorter amount of time.

However, if you did not reach your goals in time, you need to assess what happened to prevent you and set a new set of goals. It is important to let go of the old goals before setting new targets.

All of the CAPHA certified adult party companies provide support, training and coaching for their consultants! Contact one of them and start on your path to reach your dreams! SMART goals will keep you on track!