Aug 16

On a recent CAHPA Facebook wall status update we asked:

What is the primary reason you became a direct sales romance consultant?

There are 1000's of reasons why people start working from home and 1000's of opportunities to get involved in. 

adult toy parties

Here are few reasons why the CAHPA fans joined their romance company:

  • Helen Kiley Breen: To work for myself and help women have AWESOME relationships!
  • Temptations Parties by Mindy: I wanted to let women know that great and meaningful sex was both healthy and biblical. So they could enjoy it and stop feeling guilty about it.
  • Pixie Stix: Because I "talk about sex like men talk about football." Why not share with other women and help them battle their self conscious for the better!!
  • Mary Ann La Regina: Just love showing women that they can think like a man. I love the power these toys have given women over time. Plus, I love to brag about what I do to people that are squeamish.
  • Danielle Williams: Extra money and our products are much more interesting than candles and cookware
  • Ashley Kiefer: empowerment of self and of others
  • Eva Brown Burnett: To educate and allow women to opportunity to ignite the passion in their relationship with products that do just that.
  • Erica Kasten: First reason = I wanted a discount on the product, 2nd Reason, I stayed cause I made $300 at first party back on 2007.
  • Kelly Finger: Fun & money $$$$
  • Wendy Richardson: My own company, Financial Freedom, and FUN
  • For Ladies Only Party: To empower women

Women who get involved in direct sales businesses do so for many different reasons. Some women get bored and want a new challenge, while others are looking for a way to make some extra money.

Along the way, the women who get into the direct sales business learn that there is a lot more to it than just selling products.

When considering joining a romance direct selling company always join a CAPHA certified adult party company!

Aug 07


Unfortunately, the business of direct selling is often dealt a sour hand.

Direct Selling Is Not Pyramid Scheme

Many people associate direct selling with pyramid schemes that promise large amounts of money and a huge group of 'downlines' to keep the dough rolling in while a person does little else than sit on their laurels.

While this may be true of some get rich quick scheme type businesses, successful companies don't rely on pyramid schemes to be successful at all. All CAHPA certified companies have excellent products, opportunities, customer service and team training. 

Certified Adult Home Party Association

CAHPA Certified Companies & Legitamate Direct Selling Companies

Successful companies involved in direct marketing aren't just all about creating distributors, sellers, agents, etc. - they are into creating a community of caring people who want to have fun promoting a product they use and love.

Legitamate direct selling companies like the CAHPA certified companies and their team members sell great products, not just an opportunity to make money!

Direct sellers know that they make a great income because they love what they do, not because they can promise people large sums of money if they sign up underneath them. A real direct selling business takes care of all the people who make their company successful by encouraging them to love what they do and branch out to one another. Each seller within the company has the same opportunity as those who came in before them, unlike a pyramid scheme!

Direct Selling Companies = More Than Just Money!

While an income is certainly beneficial for any direct selling entity, the most important aspect to any company's success is their reputation. This is why more and more direct selling companies are investing their resources into healthy promotion, quality products, and remarkable reps than ever before.

A pyramid scheme can't hold a candle to a reputation that has evidence to back it up, and the top dogs in the direct selling world know this.

Face it, with social media acting as a guide for all marketers, pyramid schemes are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

People can now sign up for incentives, programs and more through a single click of a button.

There is no hassle or overly polished promises that have to be upheld when whole communities can meet via the Internet and websites that invite social interaction. This new and improved version of the classic 'upline' incentive allows for people to be involved in a less pushy and gimmicky manner, which is what made pyramid schemes so disliked to begin with.

In a pyramid scheme only the ones at the top make money. All CAHPA certified companies abide by a code of ethics and professionalism. Always use a CAHPA certified company and you will be doing business or joining with the best!

Jul 30
A recent Facebook Question For CAHPA

Sarah K. asked CAHPA -

I am curious to know, do you take orders in private, or in a separate section of the display room?

How do you collect orders at your show?

CAHPA on Facebook

Kimberly Grace: Private ordering/purchasing and Lisa I ALWAYS take my stuff to the ordering room with me for 2 reasons. 1. So I know that I will not have anything disappear and 2. So that a customer can look at something again if they need to.

Lisa Arbes Shannon: Do you put your stuff away prior to ordering? I've been doing parties for over 10 years and never put my display away but just recently had items taken.   

Heather Godwin: I always pack up before orders. .you never know who might take something. If they want to see something they can ask in the ordering room:) 

Dawn Gallahue: Always private room.   

Ashley Kiefer: Private Ordering/Questions Room....I always make sure my hostess has a space available for this. 
Lisa Arbes Shannon: I guess I'm changing my method. Thanks for all the input,

Sam Markwell: Always private ordering and yes my demo goes in the ordering room with me in case someone needs to see something again-prevents sticky fingers.

 Joi Redman- Baxter: Always private and always pack up.

Adult Home Party Orders In Private

Adult home party consultants usually do their order taking in private.

As you can see from the actual CAHPA Facebook wall feed the general consensus is to tidy up, either pack up or take your toys with you and retire to a private room for order taking.

Jul 24

When you start an adult party business, you need to make a business plan that you can follow to success. Every entrepreneur who starts a new business puts together a plan that becomes their blueprint to success. Your plan includes all of your business goals that you intend to reach in order to achieve success. Your goals become the milestones that you use to build a successful organization.

Join A CAHPA Certified Company

The Certified Adult Home Party Association, also called the CAHPA, is an invaluable resource for all new and experienced home party associates. It offers you training and advice on running your business and the links you need to the information you are looking for.

You can also use the CAHPA as your support group to help solve the challenges you will experience every day.

It is essential that you are a member of CAHPA or that you join a CAHPA certified company!

Set Home Party Business Milestones

Milestones are mini-goals that you set to reach your big goals. For example, if your goal is to increase your sales revenue by 20 percent, then set milestone goals at five percent increments. This will allow you to focus on the smaller goals and that will lead you to accomplishing your bigger goals.

Plan Your Growth

Your business plan will change over time and that is a good thing. But you should always do your best to plan your growth and keep your company under control. If your goal is to add three new associates by the end of the year, then put that in your business plan and then outline the ways in which you will reach those goals. When you do the proper amount of research, then planning your growth is a natural part of creating business goals.

Set Training Goals For Yourself

When you are first starting out, you will go through a learning process that will dictate your future success. New associates need to set training goals for themselves to make their learning process much more organized and to allow themselves to maximize their learning experience.

When you are just starting out in the adult party business, it is important that you set goals which will act as your guided path towards success. Every entrepreneur needs a plan to follow, especially those who are trying to establish themselves in a brand new business.

Jul 17

It wasn't too long ago that successful women in the working world were the exception rather than the rule.

However, times have changed and women have achieved great heights in most areas of society.

Though women still make up a fraction of high-level management positions, they now lead many of the largest companies in the world, including PepsiCo, E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company, and Archer Daniels Midland.

Great strides have been made, but there is still room for improvement.

Adult Party Business Empowers Women!

One industry that has contributed to the empowerment of women is the adult direct sales industry.

An adult party business is a perfect venue for women to act on their entrepreneurial impulses and reach for their dreams. Nothing can empower women more than working for themselves in a business that relies on their creativity, passion and dedication.

empower women

The adult home party plan business not only creates female entrepreneurs, it can also empower women consumers. Most people who attend these home parties are women. These parties, usually hosted at someone's home, offer a safe venue for women to explore and expand their sexuality.

They can ask questions, bond with other women, expand their sexual horizons, and have a great time.

What Is It That Empowers Women?

What do adult toys and the adult home party business have to do with the empowerment of women?

It’s probably not a connection most individuals make, but the presentation of these adult products and the ability to buy them in a safe and protected environment not only empowers women, it also helps to nurture and maintain stable and long-term relationships.

For most couples, sex is an integral component of a satisfying and lasting relationship.

As a relationship matures, sex often becomes perfunctory and stale. To counter the effects of time, familiarity, and the stresses of family life, some spice should be added to a couple's sex life.

Adults toys purchased at an home party can be the new spice that livens things up in the bedroom! Women who feel free to explore their sexuality are generally happier and more confident. What husband wouldn't want a happy and confident wife?

Owning an adult home party business can empower women entrepreneurs to build a successful business and reach for their dreams.

The direct sales industry also gives women a chance to have a career and have time for their children and family. A women who is successful at work and at home is truly empowered.

Jul 10

When you put on an adult home party event, you are bound to have some of your more vocal guests bringing their bashful friends.

Those bashful friends represent an opportunity for you to significantly expand your customer base. If you can make those bashful friends feel more comfortable, then they will bring more of their friends to the next event. All you have to do is make your shy guests feel welcome.

adult home party

Be An Adult Party Professional

An adult home party consultant can sometimes get into the habit of speaking to a group of customers as though she were speaking to her friends. When there are so many familiar faces in the crowd, it can be easy to drop your professional demeanor. But you should always speak about your products and present your information in a professional manner. When you avoid speaking in a familiar tone, you can make the shy guests feel welcome.

Do Not Single Shy People Out

When you give a professional and experienced presentation, you should be able to pique the interest of the shy people in the crowd. The worst thing you can do is start singling those shy people out for product demonstrations or to answer questions. If you do the right presentation, then those shy guests will eventually start contributing.

Use Ice Breakers To Get Bashful Guests Involved

Get your adult home party started with some ice breaker games that can crack the tension in the room.

Your ice breakers can be focused on your products, or you can choose ice breakers that get people laughing but do not have anything to do with what you are selling.

Utilize Your Experienced Guests

Bashful people tend to drop their guard when they see their friends enjoying themselves. Instead of singling out bashful people to try and get them involved in your presentation, utilize the guests who you have sold to before. These guests will be more than willing to get involved in your presentations and that will help the shy guests to feel more comfortable.

Answer Every Question

When you give an effective presentation, you will notice that one or two of the bashful guests will start to ask questions. The most important thing you can do is thank the guest for her question and answer it professionally. People who are treated with respect tend to respond by getting more involved in your presentation.

You will get bashful guests at your adult home party presentations from time to time.

The best way to grow your business is to learn how to make those guests feel comfortable and turn them into paying customers.
Jul 03

The Certified Adult Home Party Association, also known as the CAHPA, is an organization of professional consultants who are experienced in the presentation and sale of adult products.

These consultants offer professional advice on how to stimulate a relationship and they also offer products such as videos, toys and apparel to help spice up a relationship. They also know how to party when the time comes.

If you are planning a bachelorette party, then you need to invite a CAHPA certified consultant. The professional advice alone would be well worth the invite, but there is so much more that a CAHPA professional can offer that will make your bachelorette party a success.

Party Games

Bachelorette party games are very different than the average party games. If you want to use activities that will keep your guests interested in the party, then you need the help of a CAHPA professional. She will know exactly what kinds of games to play and she will also have the necessary game-playing equipment as well.

Gift Buying Advice

Guests at your party will want to buy the bride to be a gift, but gift ideas can be difficult to find for people who have no experience with these kinds of events. A CAHPA professional will have great gift ideas for all of your guests and she can also make sure that all of the gift orders arrive in time for the party.

Door Prizes

Bachelorette parties have become well-known for their creative door prizes. If you plan on offering party favors and door prizes to your guests, then you will need the help of a CAHPA certified consultant. This party professional will have all of the options you will need to choose from and she will be able to make suggestions that you would have never thought of.

Bachelorette Party Themes

A party theme is a great way to establish the kinds of decorations, food and entertainment you will have at your party. A CAHPA professional will have all of the theme ideas you could ever need to turn your bachelorette party into a huge success.

When you have a CAHPA professional on your party guest list, then you are giving yourself a great chance to have a bachelorette celebration that everyone will remember. The adult party associate will have all of the ideas and products you will need to pull off the best possible party.

Jun 27

Many people get involved in the adult home party business to meet new people, make extra income or to have the excitement of owning their own business.

If you get involved with a good mentor, then you will learn a lot about the business that will make you successful. As you go through your learning process, you will need to keep in mind that it is a business and you have responsibilities.

start adult party business

Have Fun, But Stay Focused

Any successful consultant will tell you that the most important thing about being in the adult home party is that it is a business.

If you want to enjoy yourself and encourage people to enjoy your events, then you need to let go a little and have fun. But you need to remember that you are doing a job and you are there to sell product. Once you forget that one important fact, that is when your business is in trouble.

Always Be Ready To Network

Since this is a business, then you are responsible for generating revenue with that business. You should have business cards printed up and carry them with you at all times. Serious consultants are always prepared!

When you own a business, even if it is an adult home party business, you need to always be networking so that you are always generating revenue. The more time you spend networking to grow your business, the more income you will generate.

Share Your Knowledge

Good business people are always hesitant to give out their secrets, especially to the competition. When you remind yourself that you are running a business, then you may feel the need to fear the competition. While you may want to watch what you say around consultants from other companies you should always be willing to share your secrets with your team.

If you have a talent for bringing in new clients or an ability to rack up big sales, then those topics are exactly what you want to share with those you bring into the business. Don't feel like you need to keep your secret techniques. Your success and willingness to share is exactly what will improve thier success and your income!

Being an adult party consultant can be fun and financially rewarding, but it is a business. No matter what you do during the course of the day, you must always remember that you are a business professional and you should always remember your responsibilities.

Treat your business like a business and you will create an income and lifestyle greater than you ever imagined!

Jun 19

Sex toys are those things that can make people giggle just by saying the term "sex toys." People who are new to these kinds of devices are always looking for practical sex toy tips that they can use to help them understand the toys and get the maximum enjoyment from them.

Here are some quick sex toy tips for people who are considering them for the first time.

sex toys

1 - Don't Knock It 'Til You've Tried It

The idea of using sex toys makes a lot of the uninitiated people bristle. But that is because they have never actually tried one before. Open up your mind and realize that these are devices that are designed to create pleasure. Until you have tried one, you don't know what you are missing.

2 - Buy From An Expert

When you go to an event that is held by a CAHPA certified consultant, you will be dealing with a professional who can tell you everything you need to know about the toys on display. Your romance consultant is the ideal person to introduce you to the best toys to try and the best ways to use them.

3 - Read A Book

Your passion advisor has books and videos that will show you exactly how to use all of the toys that she has for sale. Before you buy a toy, you should first get a book or video that will show you what each toy is designed for. These videos are created as instructional tools which can show you what you need to know to make a buying decision. If you have any questions afterwards, you can always call up your passion consultant and ask.

4 - Talk To Your Partner

Sometimes all it takes to open up new paths of communication in a relationship is to ask simple questions. You will probably be shocked at how open your partner is to the of bringing toys into the bedroom. You will probably start living out some of your fantasies in ways you could have never imagined.

In the world of romance, sex toys are serious business.

These can be the tools that you use to introduce yourself to a whole new level of sexual pleasure. Once you get started buying and using sex toys, you may find it difficult to stop. Then again, that is the point.

Note: Always use a CAHPA certified consultant!

Jun 10

The best adult party games are the ones that give everyone a chance to participate, even the shy ones. When you are just getting your event underway, it is important to break that ice and get everyone involved in the activities.

The best way to do that is to have an icebreaker game ready to go that will include everyone. The best part about an adult party icebreaker game is that it does not have to have anything to do with your products. It just needs to get people talking and feeling like they are a part of what is going on.

The Ball Game

If you want to use a name for this game that will fit your adult party theme and get peopel giggling just a little, then call it the ball game. All you need for this game is a ball that can be tossed around a room without causing any damage. A Nerf ball will work great.

Choose A Topic Not Too Sexy Topic

For this kind of game, you want to be sure to choose a topic that is going to get people talking and not scare them away if they are bashfull. If you use an overly sexy topic, you may not get everyone to join in. You can do this game in several rounds and use a variety of questions, or you can stick with one theme throughout the entire game.

A good example of a topic would be to have each person discuss the time they met a famous celebrity or the celebrity they dream of most. With the open celebraty topic you will not lose the more reserved guests. But everyone loves telling a good celebrity story. (There will be plenty of sex talk later!) The goal is to get everyone involved even the shy ones!

You Get It Started

Seat everyone in a circle so that they are all facing each other. You start the game by holding onto the ball and then telling your celebrity story. You will be setting the tone for the entire game, so be sure that you tell a good story and tell it well. The more interesting your story is, the more interesting everyone else's story will be.

When you are done, you throw the ball to someone else and they have to tell their story. When they are done, they throw the ball to someone new and so on until everyone has told their story.

Once you get that ice broken, then you will find it easier to get people to get involved in your event. A good icebreaker game will turn your event into something fun for everyone.