Jun 03

In order to have a successful adult home party, there needs to be a little planning on your part. Once you have gone through a few of these events, some of these easy entertaining tips will become second nature.

As your business grows, you should take the time to refine your skills for making guests feel comfortable and making your events a success.

Smile As Guests Arrive

Greeting your guests with a smile and then maintaining that smile throughout the entire event is an easy entertaining tip that too many consultants forget.

Professional party hosts know the power of a smile to disarm potentially angry guests and make the more shy guests feel welcome. Practice your smile and use it all of the time.

Have Some Jokes And Stories

As the party coordinator, you will need to be the one that keeps the conversation going. It helps to have some quick stories and even some appropriate jokes on hand to keep people engaged and encourage your guests to interact with you and the other attendees.

Have Refreshments Before And After - Not During

When people are nervous or waiting around for an event to get underway, they like to have refreshments available. If you really want to take this simple part of entertaining to the next level, then try to find a variety of snacks and drinks that you can offer which can become conversation pieces themselves.

It is best to offer refreshements before the actual show and after but not during the presentation itself!

Have Hands-On Displays Before Show

You can help people get warmed up to your event by having demonstrations of some of your more conventional products out for them to see and touch. Clothing, books and appropriate toys will give attendees something to do while they are waiting and the demonstrations will also load up your attendees with questions that they can ask to help keep the event moving along.

Mingle With Your Guests

If you want to have a successful event, then a simple entertaining tip is to make sure that you mingle with your guests and make yourself available to anyone who wants to talk. Being set up ahead of time and not under stress to get organized as they arrive makes this easier.

Too many consultants are either still setting up or just stay by their displays and/or sit in a chair and never move. If you want to engage your audience, then you need to go out and talk to the people who are there. Become party of the audience!

As you do more events, you will develop an arsenal of quick entertaining ideas that will make your adult home party events successful. Keep trying new things and always refine the ideas that seem to work.

May 25

adult party games

Recently on our CAHPA Facebook page we asked romance consultants to share their favorite party games.

Lots Of Adult Party Games!

There were LOTs of adult party games shared:

  • Thrust and Blow Game
  • I Hate Sex" Game
  • The Granny Panty Game
  • Ring Toss
  • The Lei Game
  • Suck and Blow Game

Those are only a few of the games that the fans shared.

Pass the Double Dong - Thanks, Donna Serrano

Play pass the double dong like musical chairs.

I have all of the Ladies stand in a circle and one lady starts with the dong between her knees.

If the girl drops it, she's out and when the music stops, whoever has the dong is out. The girls are frantically trying to pass, swing and flop that thing to the next girl....it is a RIOT!

Donna Serrano, Slumber Parties

Suck And Blow - Thank You, Randi Jo Heisler

Suck & blow is easy to explain and fun to play.

Take a bag of skittles or m&ms and pour some in front of each guest, give them each an empty paper/plastic cup and a straw. 

Keep time, and when you say "go" they have X amount of time (I've heard variations between 30 sec - 2 min) to move the candy piece by piece into the cup by sucking them up with the straw then dropping(blowing) them into the cup - hence the name Suck & Blow!

Don't use straws wide enough to ACTUALLY suck up the candy, your guests could choke. You want the candy to be stuck to the bottom of the straw because of the vacuum effect of the sucking.

Offer prizes and modify the game as you see fit.

Randi Jo Heisler, Taboo Essentials From Party Gals

Adult Party Games Make Fun Parties!

Adult home parties are fun!!!

If you have the description on how to play any of the other above games, please feel free to share them in the comments below.

May 20

As most people know, guys are not that hard to figure out. The romantic tips that one would give a wife to keep her husband interested in making love would be to remove her clothing. The husband can use his imagination from there.

But the gals need a little bit more to work with. Guys are always looking for romantic tips because women love to be seduced, even by their spouses.

A woman likes to know that she is still attractive to her husband and he can help her out by putting a little effort into the relationship from time to time.

Be Unpredictable, But Not Crazy

You will read a lot of romantic help articles that will tell guys that they should be unpredictable to seduce their wives.

The problem is that those help articles always seem to leave off the part about not being crazy. For example, using candles as a way to lure her into the bedroom is romantic and seductive. Setting the bed on fire because he fell asleep watching television while waiting for her is irresponsible and crazy. The husband should be unpredictable from time to time, but he should never put anyone's life in danger.

Be Seductive But Be You

Unlike a man, a woman knows exactly why she wanted to marry her spouse. There is something about her husband that she fell in love with that needs to be there once in a while. If you want to seduce your wife, then just think back to some of the things you used to do when you were dating and try them all over again. They worked once, and there is a good chance that they will work again.

Listen To Her

When you and your wife are watching a movie and she goes on about how romantic watching a sunrise at the beach must be, it is the husband's job to listen to her. The next time you feel like seducing her, make a reservation at a beachside hotel and surprise her. The effects of the sunset will be amazing, in more ways than one.

Guys that try too hard to seduce their wives usually wind up failing. The secrets to being able to seduce your wife are to just be yourself and listen when she talks. If you listen close enough, she will tell you everything you need to do to keep that spark in your marriage.

May 14

When you can incorporate a theme into your adult home party, then that makes planning it so much easier.

For one thing, a theme will instantly elicit thoughts of a color scheme that you can use for everything from your invitations to your decorations. A theme will also help you to create more interesting product presentations as well.

When summer rolls around, it is time to start thinking about beaches and sunsets. That is why your summer adult home party theme should be a Caribbean vacation. Not only will it be fun, but you can tie in the business opportunity when talking about the many perks of being a romance consultant! The first thing you need to do is think of the different elements of a Caribbean vacation, and then match them up with the various parts of your presentation.

The Beach Theme

You do not need to drag truckloads of sand to your presentation location, nor do you need to bring everyone to the beach.

A beach atmosphere can be set using the sounds of the surf rolling in, or you can use the sounds of island music. You can also make sure that the windows are open wide to let in as much natural light as possible. If it is night time, then leave all the lights in the room on an break out some beach balls.

Sexy Beach Attire

The reason that a Caribbean theme works so well is because when people think of a beach in the Caribbean, they think of sexy beach attire. Tell your hostess to tell her friends to wear their sexiest beach attire  and be entered into a drawing.
While your products may not be made for the beach, you can certainly tie-in the desire to be sexy with the products that you have. Just to be cute, you can throw a bikini on some of your larger products and see if that helps to break the mode a little.

Summer Theme Snacks Are Easy

Most finger foods qualify as beach snacks. If you want to go with the Caribbean theme, then try some exotic finger foods such as pineapples or coconuts. No one is going to fact-check your party to make sure your snacks are correct. The point is to have fun and serving beach snacks is one way to do that.

A Caribbean beach theme allows for a lot of new ways to present your products and help your customers relax before the party. It also helps if you wear a loud, Caribbean shirt and straw hat as well. You can even bring some straw hats for your guests to really help create the right mood.

May 07

When you have made the decision to start an adult home party company, your next choice should be to join the Certified Adult Home Party Association, also known as the CAHPA.

Certified Adult Home Party AssociationJust as an accountant would want to be a CPA or a lawyer would need to join the bar to practice law, you should never head out into the adult party industry without joining the CAHPA. The benefits of membership far outweigh the costs to get involved.

CAHPA Code Of Ethics

Let's face it, adult party professionals are dealing with a sensitive subject matter. It is something that can bring a giggle during a conversation and it is also a subject matter than an experienced consultant can use to keep things fun at an event. But there are lines that should never be crossed and that is where the CAHPA comes in.

When you introduce your company to a prospective client, you should always tell her that you are a member of the CAHPA. This means that you adhere to a professional code of ethics that guides your decision making process. It will set the proper tone for your events and it will also give you a strong guideline to follow when putting together your presentations.

Training & Support

When you join the CAHPA, you will have access to the member's area on the website and you will also have access to the many resources you will need to do your job. The blog is a way for you to stay informed and reach out to other party professionals for advice. The CAHPA can also act as a support group that helps you to make business decisions when you feel like you have nowhere else to turn.

Planning Resources

When you just get started as an adult home party company, the idea of putting together an interesting and entertaining event can seem intimidating.

The resources that the CAHPA offers will allow you to be able to put together an event that will make you sales and get you repeat customers. You will be able to find the advice and links you need to create a final presentation which will make your company very popular.

A proper business should be certified by a professional organization. The quickest way to let people know that you are serious about what you do is to join the CAHPA as soon as you start your adult home party company.
May 01

If you are looking for ways to supplement your income, then you should consider getting involved in the adult home party business.

The best way to start is to find someone online who is involved in the business and then get some advice from them.

You can also look for local consultants who need people to host events for them and book a party next month. Having a show in your own home is the perfect way to learn more about why or if you should join an adult party company.

There are a lot of good reasons why being an adult party consultant is a good way to make a few extra bucks.

In Adult Home Parties - The Money Is Good

image descriptionYou could make minimum wage as a cashier at a convenience store, or you could make a lot more than that hosting exciting adult party events in your area.

Once you get good at presenting and selling products, then you can make as much money as you want. When you sell products that people want, your income potential is high.

Turn A Party Hobby Into A Carreer

There are not a lot of ways to supplement your income that could turn into lucrative careers.

As a part-time associate, you get to make good money and see how the business works. If you decide that it is the business you have always wanted to be a part of, then you can take the steps necessary to turn it into your career.

You Meet A Lot Of New People

The adult home party business is all about meeting new people and networking with others. If you enjoy meeting people and becoming the source for information that people want, then this is the job for you.
When you do your research and learn how to handle yourself in a professional manner, then you will become the kind of person that people want to talk to and confide in. That is how you grow your business and that is how you make more money.

You Will Learn A Lot About Yourself

Your customers will look to you for advice when you are an adult party consultant, and that means that you will have to do some soul searching to come up with the right answers.
The great thing about dealing with people in this capacity is that you have to feel comfortable with yourself to be able to help them. That is how the self-learning begins.

There are a lot of options out there for part-time jobs. But when you get involved in the adult party business, you can supplement your income and have the time of your life at the same time.
Apr 25

When a relationship is new, both people want to spend all of their free time with each other.

The feeling of novelty, and probably passion, is strong in the initial stages. As time goes by, a relationship starts to become something that people need to fit into their lives to make it work. Each person in the relationship wants to be with the other person, but they don't want to lose their own identity as well.

The healthiest thing that a person can do to maintain a good relationship is find that balance between the time they spend alone and the time they spend with their significant other. This balance is extremely important to the long term success of any relationship.

Relationships Mean Communication So Talk it Out

relationship tipsMost of the best relationship tips center around communication.

Never assume that your partner understands your needs or can read your mind. In order for you to comfortably have the time you need alone, you need to express those feelings to your partner. Each of you needs to respect the other's need to do their own thing and have their own time every once in a while.

Make Together Time Count

Even the most stable relationships can have problems balancing alone time with relationship time. One of the best relationship tips you can get will be to make the time you spend with each other as special and valuable as possible. When you make the time you spend together quality time, it strengthens the relationship and makes the time apart easier.

Do Something Special For Your Relationship

When you spend time with your significant other, there should be activities that you two do together that you do not do with anyone else.

There could be a hobby you both enjoy or you may enjoy going to the movies on a Friday night. When you allow the relationship to have something special, then it makes those moments something that you both look forward to.

The anticipation of quality time together can inspire you to work harder to keep that balance of personal time and relationship time intact. One of the reasons that people say relationships are hard work is because it can be difficult to maintain your individuality when you are part of a couple.

When you find that balance between personal time and relationship time, then that will help you to maintain a healthy relationship.

Whether in along term marriage or a new relationship some new bedroom toys will help to keep things spicy!

Apr 19

If you are a person who is considering the option of starting a business, then may we recommend that you become a respected and popular passion consultant. Getting into the adult party industry is a great way to meet people and create a company all your own.

start a sex toy business

Why You Should Always Join A Certified Adult Party Company

One of the biggest mistakes that new direct sales professionals make is that they try to get involved in the business without joining a certified adult party company.

If you are looking to start a business that is going to be successful and fun at the same time, then there are many reasons why you should join a certified adult party company.

Support From Certified Companies

A certified company is going to offer you the support you need to succeed. If you are new to owning a company, then you will need advice on marketing, bookkeeping and finding the right products to sell. When you join an adult party company, the company is just as invested in your success as you are. With that kind of support behind you, it becomes more likely that you will succeed.

Product Selection

One of the tasks of a certified adult party company is to stay up to date on the latest products that are both popular and safe. It can take a long time to develop an understanding of the wide range of products in the adult party industry. When you have a certified company behind you, then you are provided with that important product information on a daily basis.

CAHPA = Valuable Advice

A certified adult party company is going to give you access to advice on how to improve your parties, better methods for marketing products and effective product displays that you can use at your events. You will also find that most companies have online communities where you can learn tricks of the trade from experienced passion consultants and representatives of the company.

Help in Growing Your Business

As your business grows, you will need ways to train new associates and expand your marketing efforts. A certified company will give you the tools you need to train new associates and the marketing resources your company will need to expand.

Anyone looking to start a new business would benefit from the support and tools offered by a certified company. As you embark on your career as a romance consultant, it is in your best interest to join a certified adult party company.

Apr 11

Direct sales consultants are always looking for new ways to get customers to enjoy themselves at events. If you are a passion consultant that has been looking for a new way to break the ice at your next event, then you should try a good home party game that will get the whole room involved. A well-planned game can do wonders for increasing revenue at each party, and it also helps to inspire attendance for your next event.

The "I Hate Sex" Game

The "I Hate Sex" game actually starts out pretty inconspicuous. Ask your customers to have a seat and then hand each attendee a piece of paper and a pen. Then you would have your attendees write down one thing that they hate doing and then list three reasons why. It can be a household chore, a sporting event or an activity at work. Once they are done writing down their information, have them put their pieces of paper in a box.

Making the Conversion

Mix up the paper in the box and then you can start the game by pulling out a piece of paper and converting it to a game piece. You would cross out the activity at the top of the paper and substitute it with the word "sex." Then you would read it out loud by starting off with the phrase, "I hate sex because." The results can be very interesting and definitely fodder for plenty of laughter.

An Example of How it Works

Let's say that one of your guests writes down the activity of making coffee at work and then gives the following three reasons:

  • Getting burned by the hot water
  • It never tastes right
  • No one ever appreciates the effort

You would take out the phrase "I hate making coffee at work" and substitute it with the phrase "I hate sex," and then read the three reasons aloud.

You don't have to require that your guests take credit for their answers. One of the best parts of this game is when the shy members of the audience get their turn and the three reasons turn out to be quite risque.

This game is a lot of fun and it can be an effective way to break the ice, or get your customers in the mood to see some products that will improve their sexual experiences.

Vist a CAHPA company web page to find adult party games to play with your partner!

Apr 05

Sex toys do not always need to take on obvious forms to be effective. When it comes to enjoying a little fun now and then, it pays to be resourceful. Believe it or not, you already have some fun adult "toys" in your house that can come in very handy when the urge strikes and the house is empty.

The Washing Machine Sex Toy

tip guys wish girls knewThe legend of the spin cycle has been handed down from generation to generation, but too many women think that it is just a legend. If you are looking to add a little fun to your housework, then throw in a load of laundry and have a seat on the washer during the spin cycle. You will definitely agree that, in some cases, the myth lives up to your expectations.

Electric Toothbrush

It is so obvious that you will be almost embarrassed that you didn't think of it before. If you put a condom over an electric toothbrush, it can become a very effective vibrator. Just be sure to use your own toothbrush to avoid any potential embarrassing explanations in the future.

Deep Facial Cleaner Can Be An Exciting Toy

Many women use handheld devices with swirling brushes that can be used to remove dead skin cells and keep your skin looking healthy. What you may not realize is that, when these deep facial cleaners are placed in just the right places, they can do more than just keep your skin glowing.

Lipstick Case For Bedroom Fun

It is easy to see why certain vegetables have developed a reputation for being good stress relievers, but some women are not comfortable using part of tomorrow's dinner for alternate purposes. That is why the common lipstick case can be used instead of fruits or vegetables to achieve the exact same results.

Adjustable Shower Heads For Adult Toy

If you have the kind of shower head that is on a hose and can be used like a wand, then you have a very effective sex toy at your disposal. You want to explore the many settings that the shower head offers to find just the right way to get clean in a slightly dirty kind of way.

On those evenings when you are all alone and don't have any adult toys at your disposal, it always good to have an active imagination.
There are plenty of common household items that can double as stress relievers in more ways than one.