Mar 29

Affordable Date Ideas

When spring arrives, romance is in the air. That feeling of life renewing itself and the world being a beautiful place fills people with the urge to make the most of the season. If you are looking for romantic ideas on how to enjoy spring, then there are several kinds of romance dates you can use for you and your special someone.

A Romanic Picnic

For some reason, the idea of a romantic spring picnic has started to fade. You and your significant other should pack up a picnic basket and head to your favorite romantic spot. If you don't have a favorite spot, then this is the perfect opportunity to start a new tradition. You can choose a spot with a great view of the surrounding area, or you can head over to the local park that offers you a chance for a romantic picnic near the lake.

A Moonlight Walk To Spice Up The Evening

When spring arrives and the weather starts to warm up, the idea of going for an evening walk can sound romantic and appealing. Find a safe and secluded nature trail for you and your significant other to walk under the romantic glow of the spring moonlight. It is the perfect time of the year for moonlight walks and you just never know what an evening in the moonlight will lead to.

Romance On A Boat Ride

If you live near a lake or river then you know how frustrating it can be when the ice clogs up the waters. The spring air melts the ice, but leaves that chill in the water that can be felt by people on the shore and by those on boats as well. Take your special someone out for a spring boat ride and maybe even plan on enjoying a swim in those chilly but invigorating waters. It can definitely be a romantic and effective setting.

After several months of winter, most people cannot wait for spring to arrive. But rather than allowing a romantic season like spring to come and go, you should take advantage of what it has to offer. There is a reason why nature seems to come alive when the spring sets in.

You and your special someone can take advantage of that renewed feeling and set up some spring romance dates for you to enjoy.

Mar 24

When people find out that you are a romance consultant, some may instantly have misconceptions about what you do.

You want to maintain your professional composure and give people the right information about your profession, but it can be a challenge. There are some things that you can do that will allow you to let people know what you do and keep the conversation light and appropriate.

Be Ready With Your Script

You know that you are a romance consultant and you know that you will be honest with people when they ask you what you do.

Script or plan a professional responce. It may be good to include a line in your script about your company's professionalism and affiliation with CAHPA. You are a certified member of CAHPA, don't forget!

CAHPA romance consultant

The best course of action is to be prepared for the response so that you can deal with it immediately and professionally. You should have a quick description of what you really do that includes one interesting fact about your job.

For example, you can mention a book that you sell which helps couples to improve communication. When you mention an interesting product, that will usually turn the giggles to serious questions.

Don't Be Defensive About Romance - Roll With It

If you get defensive immediately, that will only make the situation worse. You should look at each meeting with the misinformed public as a chance to showcase your professional approach to being an adult products consultant. Laugh with them and maybe even tell a little joke of your own to keep everyone at ease.

Once you have done that, then you can start to ease into a discussion about what you really do.

Promote Your Business

If you have the right attitude and handle the situation properly, then you will probably have a chance to pick up some new clients and maybe even a new sales associate as well.

Always have business cards on you and always carry your schedule as well.

If you can move the conversation from childish giggling to promoting your next event, then you have successfully established yourself as an expert in your field. The romance business is a lot of fun and a great challenge as well. One of the biggest challenges is trying to explain what you do to people who already have a preconceived, and incorrect, idea.

But if you are prepared and carry yourself with the utmost professionalism, then you can answer all of their questions and even grab a few new clients at the same time.

Mar 17

Men and women are always complaining that it is impossible to know what each other wants.

Guys are always complaining that women are a tangled mess of emotions that are impossible to decipher, and girls are always bemoaning the notion that men have no idea how to express their emotions.

If there is one thing that guys wish girls knew, it would be that guys sometimes want the girl to take the lead in initiating experimentation in the bedroom.

tip guys wish girls knew

Intimate Communication

Guys have a reputation for being the ones who try to kick down the doors of inhibition and push an intimate relationship to the next level. But if the girl never takes the lead in kicking down the doors, then the guy may never know how she feels about new sexual activities.

When she takes the lead, she is opening up intimate communication and that can be beneficial on a lot of different levels.

He Has Boundaries Too

Most men try to tread lightly when it comes to blazing new trails in the bedroom because he doesn't want to cross a line. But it is important for the ladies to remember that guys have limits as well.

He may never go beyond those boundaries to new territory if she never actively participates in the experimentation side of the relationship. His own boundaries will always prevent him from including activities that she is interested it. She needs to take the reigns once in a while if she wants him to drop his boundaries.

Creativity In Bed Is Hard Work

Girls have this misconception that guys have a limitless supply of sexual imagination.

In reality, every guy eventually runs out of new ideas. It isn't that he does not want to try new things. He simply does not know what new ideas to try.

That is when she needs to step in and become the guide for a little while.

He will follow her lead if she has something new that she wants to try because he is just as curious as she is. Guys wish that girls knew that sexual experimentation is a two-way street. There are a lot of reasons why the guy cannot always be counted on for the new and interesting ideas to spice up the couple's sex life. She needs to take the lead once in a while and help the couple to reach new levels of excitement.

Mar 10

Planning a bachelorette party is an important responsibility.

The bride wants a night she will never forget and you want to put together something that you can actually pull off. In order to plan the best possible bachelorette party, it is always a good idea to recruit the help of people who have the experience and resources to make the party a memorable event. A professional adult party consultant is the ideal person to invite, for a lot of reasons.

Bachelorette Party Games

To help keep a bachelorette party moving along, it helps to have fun and interesting games to play.

An adult products consultant will know exactly what kinds of games would be appropriate, and she would also have everything you would need to play the game as well. You may even be able to talk her into a product discount because she is party guest.

CAHPA romance consultant

Adult Novelty Door Prizes

If there is one thing guests remember about bachelorette parties it is the unique door prizes they get when they attend. The prizes can be part of a raffle done to raise money for the bride, or they can come from the games being played.

A direct selling expert has a lot of experience in providing these unique kinds of adult gifts for just such occasions. Ask her for a catalog that you can look through and always ask questions about a particular door prize before you actually buy it.

Unique Candies

When a group of ladies head out on the town for a bachelorette parties, they want everything to be just right. That means that everything from the party games to the candies they will be enjoying will follow the theme of the party. If you are not in contact with a direct selling professional, then finding the right kind of candies for the party will be difficult.

Having an expert on the guest list is going to make this part of the party much easier to plan.You would be surprised at the resources a romance consultant has for you to use that make planning easier.

General Party Planning

If you have never planned a bachelorette party before, then there is a lot to take care of that makes the party memorable for the bride. An adult products professional is going to have a vast amount of experience you can refer to when needed.

A bachelorette party is a once-in-a-lifetime event for everyone involved. It you want your party to go off just right, then it makes sense to get an experienced direct selling professional involved.

Mar 02

Intimate contact between two human beings is always enhanced by communication.

In simpler terms, talking dirty can make sex fun.

The problem is that not everyone understands the importance of free-flowing dirty talk during intimate sexual contact. There are a lot of reasons why talking dirty is more than appropriate in the bedroom, and understanding them should make it easier to let the words flow. Improve your bedroom relationship with these tips on dirty talking.

Talking Dirty In Bedroom Establishes Boundaries

relationship tips

A little dirty talk to help set the mood is also effective at helping each partner to understand their boundaries.

Each little statement may sound like cute foreplay to the events that are about to happen, but they can also be questions that are asked to find out what kinds of activities are acceptable, and what is forbidden.

Enhance The Bedroom Mood

An adult party consultant has plenty of books and products that will help each person in a relationship to become better at talking dirty. When it is done properly, sexy talk can do a lot to make a hot situation even hotter. The more that a couple engages in dirty talk, the better they will get at it. After a while, the talk can be an integral part of the couple's physical relationship.

It Prevents Awkward Silence

Is there such a thing as awkward silence during sex? During those initial moments when the couple is just getting into the process of being intimate, there can be times when things seem a little awkward. Even couples that have been together for years can find it difficult to get the process started smoothly. Dirty talk is a great way to bridge the gap between the very beginning of the moment and that time when things are really moving along.

Dirty Talk Adds Variety

Dirty talk is one of those things that is different every time you do it, which adds some variety to being intimate.

Try shaking up dirty talk with some sexy costumes or toys and you will be able to have a new experience each and every time.

Some people avoid talking dirty because it can make them feel uncomfortable. In most cases, the reason it makes people feel uncomfortable is because they think that their partner would not approve of it. If you give sexy talk a chance, you will be surprised at how receptive your partner will be and how much he will want to add his own text to the conversation.

Feb 25

A good sex life never happens by accident.

When you are younger, you usually find out things about sex by accident. You act on your curiosities and hope that your partner goes along with you.

As you get older, you realize that there is nothing quite as sexy as good communication.

Good Sex Requires Talking!

If you want a good sex life, then you need to learn how to talk to each other.

Besides, a little sexy talk about what kinds of things each of you like could be a great precursor to foreplay. Not only can you and your partner get each other aroused by discussing your fantasies and sexual preferences, but you can also find out critical information that you will need to make your sex life better.

good sex life

Strategic Planning For Better Relationship

Inexperienced people say that planning sexual activity takes the fun out of it.

While it is true that spontaneous sex can be great, nothing beats the feeling of anticipating something new.

There should come a time when you and your partner discuss some of your sexual fantasies and then determine that you will make some of those fantasies come true. It takes planning to buy costumes and set the proper mood. But when it comes to great sex, a little planning never hurt anyone.

Communicate And Negotiate

The best things in life are often acquired through compromise. It takes a couple who can communicate and negotiate to have a lasting relationship with good sex!

The wrong way to get your partner to try something new is to surprise him and see if he is willing to participate. That sort of an approach could ruin the moment for quite a long time.

This is where good communication comes into play and where negotiation can open the doors to a better sex life.

If there is a new sexual adventure that you would like to try, then discuss it with your partner. He may be interested, so long as you are willing to try something that he has always wanted to do. At some point, you will reach an accord that will give you both the chance to try something new. Great communication is the path to improving your relationship and enriching your sex life.

The more that you and your partner open up to each other about your sexual interests, the more new adventures you can plan and the more new experiences that you will both share. A relationship expert who presents adult home parties can often give you tips to improve your sex life!

Feb 18

The idea of your teenager possibly finding your adult novelties can seem humorous, but it is a very serious situation to consider.

By the time your kids become teenagers, they hear a lot of stories and even see a lot of images that may surprise you. But there is still a sense of shock that both you and your teenager will feel when your secrets are discovered.

Most adults have no idea what to do if they are ever faced with the difficult situation of explaining adult novelties to their teenagers, and that is normal.

Keep in mind that the idea of you and your spouse enjoying sex is not something your teenager wants to consider. But if you are face to face with a day of confession, then it is best to handle it immediately and get it over with.

Bedroom Toys... Lock 'Em Up

The best way to handle this kind of a situation is to lock up your toys in a place where your kids will not get their hands on them. This is not something that you should take for granted. It is a potentially serious issue that you should give some thought to as a responsible parent.

Admit To Them

Remember that we are talking about teenagers in this discussion. There is a better than average chance that your teenager will know what the toy is, but he will still need some help on explaining why you have it. The first step is to admit that you have them. At this point, there is no reason to hide anything.

Reassure Teens Toys OK

The embarrasement of talking to your teems about sex toys should not deter you from honestly telling them that it is OK to use bedroom toys!

One of the things that your teenager may ask you is if you need the toys because your spouse is not satisfying you. Believe it or not, this question comes up fairly frequently in these situations. Reassure your teenager that the toys are simply novelties and do not reflect on the strength of your relationship with your spouse but more to the point one great way to enjoy it more!

Don't Get Carried Away With The Sex Toy Talk!

Your teenager does not want details and you do not want to give them. There will be no need to explain how the toy is used in any kind of detail. That is information that your teenager does not need.

Let The Teen Ask Questions

Ask your teenager if she/he has any questions for you about the toy and try to give an appropriate answer.

Do not allow any misconceptions to linger that could cause problems later on.

Once the cat is out of the bag, so to speak, there is no reason for being evasive. You can show your teenager a lot of respect by being upfront about the toy she found and answer her questions as well.

Just be sure to lock everything up when the discussion is over to avoid future issues. You may want to talk to a romance consultant in advance of the situation and become more prepared before it happens!

Feb 12

Facebook is one of the most powerful social networking platforms on the Internet.

If you use a replicated site for business, then you need to pair that up with a strong Facebook presence to maximize your scope of influence. There are subtle and discrete ways that you can use your Facebook wall as a way to promote and market your romance business.

Market a Romance Business By Asking Questions

One of the most effective ways to get people interested in your romance business is to post questions on your Facebook wall and then challenge people to answer.

If you are asking a product question, then include a picture.

Remember that Facebook has some very strict guidelines on submitting pictures, so be sure to choose an image that is professional or you will run the risk of being shut down.

Facebook is for people ages 13 and up.... think about how you would feel if your 13 year old daughter saw the image you are posting before hitting 'update'!

romance consultants

Always encourage people to respond to your questions with private messages if they are uncomfortable making a public post.

If you offer discrete and professional responses to everyone's inquiries, then you will start to build a base of dedicated clients.

Use Your Fan Page For Adult Business Marketing

In Facebook they strickly forbid using your personal profile for commercial use. So, be sure to set up a fan page!

When you create your Facebook Fan Page profile, be sure to use the proper keywords. Even Facebook profiles can be optimized by using the right kinds of tags. When it comes to your romance business, do a little research to find out what kinds of words Facebook users are inputting to look for companies like yours.

If your profile is completely enhanced to get the right kinds of search results, then you will significantly increase the number of people who are interested in what you do.

Monitor Your Wall

You may be tempted to block others from posting on your wall but this is counter productive. Remeber that you can block users and delete posts from your Facebook wall if someone is inappropriate but you DO want activity on your wall by others!

The misconception is that monitoring your wall will discourage people from getting involved. Facebook is an open community and your romance business will sometimes attract the kind of person that you do not want participating in your online conversations.

Do not be afraid to delete inappropriate posts and block users that are not helping you to promote your business in a positive way. Even though Facebook is a platform used by millions of people, it is very easy to get involved in discrete and private conversations with potential clients. Once you get involved in developing your Facebook page, you will start to see how it can positively impact your business.

Feb 06

How does attraction marketing really work?

Adding value statements to everyday conversations in such a way to create curiosity is how attraction marketing works.

When it comes to direct sales business, there is always opportunity for you to promote your business value in any conversation.

In creating brand and product awareness anywhere you go, you boost sales in the most seemingly unlikely of places and create a great name for your company at the same time. Learn how you can easily drop your business value in any meeting you have with nearly anyone and boost your sales and marketing goals.

Say simple things:

  • I had so much fun last night at my party.
  • My husband was so excited about my last commission check... I joined my Adult Party Company for fun and now I am paying the credit card payment every month.

Create a whole list of things you could say then wait for the moment to say it. Don't ask them to join you or even market at all, just keep adding these to your conversations and wait for people to ask you!

That Is Attraction Marketing!

That is what attraction marketing is.... saying things that attract people to you.

adult bachelorette party

Direct sales business is all about that personal contact, and when you have conversations with friends, family, and even casual encounters, you open yourself up to a great way to reach a new customer base. People whom you know and trust and feel comfortable with already are a great source for retaining a great customer base, and word of mouth can spread from these people to others that they know.

The next time you're speaking with your friends about anything related to what your business is, drop a line or two about your products, and you can bet that at least one person will be asking you questions for more information or to purchase.

You have tools and information available to you at all times to help create product awareness, so make sure you never leave your home without samples, brochures, or pamphlets that are related to your direct sales. As a consultant, when you have an opportunity to talk about your product, you want to have the tools ready to pass out and share with others so you are not only talking about your business, but putting what you offer into other peoples' hands at the same time. In having supplies ready to back up what you have to say, you can get potential customers excited about your product, and all you had to do was drop your business into the casual conversation you were already having.

Why stop with family and friends?

Certified Home Party Association - CAHPAYou can bring up your business at the checkout counter when the cashier complains about her husband! Just drop those value added statements and see what happens.

There is always a reason to bring up your business, even when you are just picking up your dry cleaning. The more you put yourself out there, the more you create that name for yourself and boost both your confidence in your company and your sales.

Always use a CAHPA certified company!

CAHPA is the only agency that certifies the professionalism of adult romance companies.

Jan 26

If you know a romance consultant, then you know someone who can supply you with a Valentine's Day gift that will last a lifetime.

One of the secrets to finding the perfect Valentine's gift is to get advice from a novelty consultant.

You will find that there are some very appropriate and interesting gifts that you and your partner could enjoy for a lifetime.

What kind of adult novelties could be so significant that they could make a lasting impact?

When you visit a romance consultant, the first thing you will notice is the vast amount of reference material available on relationships and how to maintain them. If you want to give a Valentine's gift that will last a lifetime, then give a real book on lovemaking to your significant other.

adult novelties

Answering The Tough Questions

Your romance expert will be able to answer your questions and make you feel at ease about the topics that you are curious about.

But, no matter how comfortable your consultant makes you feel, there will always be those questions that you are too shy to ask. A good lovemaking book will give you those answers and allow you to get the information you need without having to overcome your own shyness.

New & Romantic Ideas

One of the strengths of the reference material offered by your romance consultant is the variety of topics that are covered. Not only can a good book on lovemaking answer your questions, but it can also give you new ideas that you may have never considered before. If you need advice on how to approach your partner with these new ideas, then you will find that advice in a good lovemaking book as well.

An Adult Novelty You Can Share

There is a certain power in having you and your partner reading and learning from the same book on lovemaking.

The information that the two of you discover in one of these books is something you can use to enhance your relationship and improve the life that you live together.

Your romance consultant carries a wide variety of adult novelties that can help any relationship to explore all of its possibilities. When it comes to the perfect Valentine's Day gift that you and your partner will enjoy for a lifetime, then that would be a comprehensive book on lovemaking. It can be the reference book you use to expand your relationship into new and exciting areas for the both of you.