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Romance Consultants Give Tips

As an adult toy direct sales romance consultant, your business deals with relationships, intimacy, and sex. You are probably not a sex therapist, but you will hear just as much about people’s sex lives as any therapist does. You may also be asked questions about ways to have and maintain a healthy sex life. Though your training is in sales, you can still offer some sound advice on sexual matters because you have heard it all.

Having some good advice may even help you sell more products. People will admire and respect you if you can provide some wise and useful information on bedroom matters. Admiration and respect can only lead to more sales and more profit!

3 Healthy Sex Tips To Share At Parties:

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In addition to the many tips you have to share at your parties about your products these simple ideas are good conversation as well.

Sex Tip #1

Communicatioin is key to good sex! The best and most enjoyable sexual relationships are ones in which both partners can fully express themselves. The ability to talk about sex without embarrassment, or the fear of ridicule, humiliation or jealousy is an essential ingredient to any sexual relationship. Each partner should be able to have her or his wants and needs acknowledged. This doesn’t mean that these wants and needs will always be fulfilled, but acknowledgement and understanding is important in maintaining a healthy, vibrant relationship.

Sex Tip#2

Be adventurous in your sex life! Be open to new suggestions and ideas. This is a great tip to offer at sex toy parties. For many women and couples, the use of sex toys to spice things up is a new idea. This suggestion may help you make more sales! Both partners should feel comfortable suggesting new ways to have fun and should be able to listen and evaluate each suggestion. Some couples may be more experimental than others, but openness to new ideas is vital to maintaining sexual pleasure in any long-term relationship.

Sex Tip #3

Have fun! Sex is fun; it’s not a chore or an obligation. By keeping lines of communication open, trying new ways to spice things up in the bedroom, and remaining sensitive to the feelings of your partner, a couple should be able to keep their sexual relationship fresh and exciting. Kids, work, and the burdens of life often make it difficult to find time for sex. But finding time is essential to the health of your relationship. And when you find the time - make it fun!

These three healthy sex tips are all great suggestions for the women and couples you meet at your parties. Not only are they positive suggestions to keep the spice in a relationship, they may also help you sell more adult toys at your parties.

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