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how to clean a sex toy

If you use sex toys, and I know you do, you’ll want to keep them running like a charm. After all, a dead vibrator is not a good vibrator and a unclean toy is not one you’ll want to use again. Sex toys cshould be kept clean and in good working order so you will save money and be happy!

The number one way to keep your sex toys running like a charm is to keep them clean. All CAHPA member companies sell toy cleaning solutions. In a pinch you can always use warm water and antibacterial soap.  You should also make sure to clean them as soon as possible after use.

Remember not to submerge any vibrators or battery-operated toys in water unless they are waterproof. Doing so could ruin your toy!

Specifics On Cleaning Your Sex Toys

Here are specifics on cleaning different types of sex toys:

  • Plastic - use rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball. Follow up with some warm water.
  • Rubber - rubber is a very porous material and difficult to clean completely. Rubber sex toys should be used with a condom and then cleaned with warm water and soap.
  • Jelly - clean with warm water and soap, but do not boil as they will disintegrate.
  • Silicone - you can boil it in water or run it through a dishwasher unless it is a vibrator. For vibrators and other battery-operated toys, wash with warm water and soap, or you can use hydrogen peroxide or bleach mixed with warm water
  • Pyrex - these are easy to clean with soap and water. You can also boil these, but they can crack with a sudden change of temperature, so boil slowly and let them cool down in the water before removing them.

Besides keeping all your toys clean, another way to keep them working is to use batteries properly. Don’t keep batteries in your toys if there are long periods of time between use or if the batteries are dead. Dead batteries, or ones not used for long stretches of time will often leak nasty substances that corrode everything. If this happens, make sure to wear some rubber gloves when you remove the batteries as the substances are toxic!

Keeping your sex toys clean and running smoothly will allow you to get many hours of use from them. It can be very frustrating to get a sex toy out in a moment of passion or when the mood strikes and find out it no longer works!

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