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Icebreakers For Adult Home Party

One of the important tasks of a romance consultant is to help break the ice at an adult home party event and get the participants talking. A good icebreaker game will do the trick.

sex icebreaker

Some of your guests may be at their first adult party and not know what to expect.

You need to put together a fun icebreaker game that will get your guests talking and laughing, while also helping new guests to understand what the party is all about.An icebreaker game at an adult party needs to set the tone of fun and the freedom to discuss sexuality without having any inappropriate undertones. It can sound difficult to avoid inappropriate undertones at a sex toy party, but remember that you are trying to set the atmosphere of having fun and not trying to intimidate your guests. If you can get your guests to blush and giggle a little at first, then you are on your way to a successful event.

Adult Party Icebreaker = Mad Libs

One game you can use at your next sex toy party is a version of “Mad Libs” where you take a story that a guest has written and replace some of the words in it with the words “sex” or “sex toy.”

  • Ask each person at your sex toy party to write down something that requires a lot of activity. You can ask your guests to write down the steps to performing an oil change, scrubbing a floor or anything that can be described in a series of steps that involve activity such as kneeling, scrubbing or anything like that.
  • Have your guests submit their descriptions to you and then you hand them back to the group but to different people. Make sure that no one gets her or his own story back. It is easier for people to tear apart someone else’s writing than their own.
  • Tell each guest to replace every mention of the activity that is being written about with the words “having sex” and then replace the mention of tools with sex toys such as a vibrator or a sex doll.
  • When everyone is done making the changes, have them read the newly edited descriptions back one at a time and help the laughter along by making sure everything remains fun and light-hearted.

This game turns the simple process of washing dishes into a full sexual encounter. The sentence “Washing dishes requires hot water, soap and a good scrubbing pad “ turns into “Having sex requires hot water, soap and a good pair of handcuffs.” It should help break the ice and get your event off to a good start.

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